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Exit Strategy NYC

Viajes y guías
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The ultimate app for NYC subway riders. Plan where to stand and shave minutes off your trip! See for more information. (no subway map in this version, use one of many free apps for that)***APP UPDATE #3 - JUNE 2013***-New App icon!-We've made it faster to select the right station in the list (we now remember the spot the list was left in)-Fixed the crash on the 1 line, the crash upon device rotation, and a few more -Station updates (more soon!)
***APP UPDATE #2 - MAY 2013***-Just pushed the newest update -- the app now includes ALL STOPS in NYC! Tell your friends.-We've updated a whole bunch of stations in NYC.
***APP UPDATE #1 - APRIL 2013***-The app now works on ALL android devices-Photo assets are no longer stored on the SD card (meaning they'll no longer show up among your personal photos)
In the next update:-Even more updates to various stations...thanks to all the users that have sent in corrections and updates -- we're going through one by one and making those changes.-Correcting several bugs and errors (like a crash on rotation bug)-A prettier homescreen.-A cooler icon
In future updates:-Who knows...the more people buy the app the more we can afford to work on it and add cool stuff -- so tell your friends! And please leave us a nice review so we can continue to invest more in the product
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch - or @JWegener on twitter.